Telecom & Utilities Data Products

Area Codes

Boundaries of the nation’s area codes by their three digit NPA.

Local Access Transport Areas

Local Access Transport Areas (LATAs) are unique geographies created by the FCC following the divestiture of AT&T’s local exchange operations in 1984.

Local Exchange Company

Local Exchange Company (LEC) boundaries define the service areas of telecommunications utilities that are authorized to provide local exchange phone service.

Personal Communication Services

Personal Communication Service (PCS) boundaries define the service areas of such products as pagers and cellular phones.

Points of Presence

Points Of Presence (POP) locations for long distance telephone carriers across the U.S.

Rate Centers

Map database of rate centers throughout the U.S.


Cable boundaries, wireless and energy information.

  • WirelessInfo: Map database of Personal Communications Services (PCS), Paging, and Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) company coverage maps.

Wire Centers

Exchange boundaries with and without end office locations.


Specialty telecom products, including cable boundaries, CLECs, and utilities.

  • FAAInfo: Map database of airport approaches and runways that graphically illustrates the FAA Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), part 77.
  • PSAP Pro: Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) system


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