WireCenter Premium

Provider: TeleAtlas/GDT

Wire Centers represent a location, usually a building, containing telephone-switching equipment. Wire Center Premium features boundary representations of the area served by each wire center as well as wire center points to denote the actual location of the building housing the switch equipment.

The Wire Center Premium package can be used to accurately represent the serving area for a landline system. This overall view allows the telco to view the competitive landscape as never before. By examining the network layout, administrators will gain valuable information on their competitors’ holdings as well as their own.

Wire Center Premium is best suited for the following applications and uses:

  • Network Planning
  • Marketing
  • Network Design
  • Network Expansion
  • Asset Management
  • Competitive Analysis

Database Fields

  • CLLI (COMMON LANGUAGE Location Identifier) code
  • LATA
  • NPA
  • Latitude and longitude coordinates
  • NXX count
  • Rate Center
  • Vertical and horizontal coordinates
  • City, state, and ZIP
  • County name and FIPS code
  • MSA name and ID
  • PCS Basic Trading Area (BTA) and Major Trading Area (MTA) IDs

The Wire Center Premium package features six data layers, linked to the most current telecommunications geographic information:

  • Wire Center Serving Area
  • Exchange Boundaries
  • Wire Center Points
  • Wire Center to Switch Cross Reference
  • Wire Center to NPA Cross Reference
  • Wire Center to NXX Cross Reference

Wire Center Premium is tiled by state and nation.

Data Format

Wire Center Premium is available in the following data formats:

  • MapInfo
  • ArcView GIS
  • SDT

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