Provider: TeleAtlas/GDT

Dynamap/2000 database contains more than 14 million addressed street segments along with postal and census boundaries, landmarks, and water features.

To ensure accuracy and up-to-date completeness, GDT incorporates more than one million changes every quarter. New streets, renamed highways, ZIP code revisions and other changes occurring in our nation’s dynamic landscape are updated quarterly. GDT uses a number of quality control techniques, including raster imagery, to verify new roads and improve the spatial accuracy of the data. As a result, customers consistently credit GDT with the highest nationwide geocoding rates in the industry. A point attribute table provides relevant associated information, such as street name, latitude/longitude coordinates, and nearest cross street information. Historical data is also included to help you project traffic volume trends that may impact your business.

Dynamap/2000 provides an excellent tool for customers with routing applications. GDT corrects inconsistent road attributes inherited from TIGER, standardizes road names, and provides several alternate names to ensure that all segments connect along the road network. All roads in Dynamap/2000 sew across counties nationwide. With Dynamap/2000, users can find optimal routes and directions to help save time and money in service and delivery.

Dynamap/2000 enhancements help orient map users and heighten the visual quality of maps. The database identifies more than 30 types of landmarks organized in logical themed layers, including railroads, airports, parks, recreational areas, transportation terminals, institutions (such as schools and hospitals), major retail centers, and water features. Dynamap/2000 provides clean, straightened lines, curvy roads, cloverleaf ramps, and streets that line up perfectly across county lines to reflect real-world road conditions.

Dynamap/2000 also includes improved Census boundaries and the highest quality ZIP code boundaries available in the marketplace. Available in quarterly, semi-annual, and annual releases. Custom services and technical support are also available. At the nationwide coverage, the entire database takes up 640 MB of disk space.

Dynamap/2000 is best used for the following applications and uses:

  • Geocoding
  • Market analysis
  • Trouble tracking
  • Site selection
  • Risk analysis
  • Territory management
  • Emergency response

The database is tiled by county. A utility for extracting and appending the county-tiled data into coverage areas of your choice is also available.

Data Formats

Dynamap/2000 is available in the following data formats:

  • MapInfo
  • ArcView GIS
  • Atlas GIST
  • Autodesk MapGuide
  • GeoMedia
  • SDET
  • Tactician

The database is tiled by county.


Dynamap/2000 comes with the following layers:

  • Streets
  • Placeholders
  • Highways
  • Highway Exits
  • Railroads
  • Airports
  • Parks
  • Water polygons/segments
  • ZIP code boundaries/points
  • Block group boundary/points
  • Tract boundaries/points
  • County boundaries/points
  • Place boundaries/points
  • MCD boundaries/points
  • DMA boundaries/points
  • MSA boundaries/points
  • Recreational areas
  • Transportation terminals
  • Institutions
  • Major retail centers
  • Large area landmarks

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