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Dynamap/Transportation combines robust routing attributes, full geocoding functionality, and attractive map display for users who want a single database source for their transportation needs.

The database includes improved ramp structures, physical turn restrictions, one-way streets, and multilane highway representation to improve routing functionality. Arterial Classification Codes (ACCs) provide a nationwide, connected routing network. Tele Atlas’ precise Feature Class Code (FCC) definitions provide calculated speeds and segment impedance information to help estimate travel time. Dynamap/Transportation also identifies Primary Routing Names (PRN) for itinerary generation.


The Dynamap/Transportation product is designed principally for use in applications requiring routing, dispatch, navigation, and itinerary generation.

Product Benefits

  • Full street and address coverage: Accurate, fast geocoding across the U.S. and Canada
  • One-way streets, physical turn restrictions, and multi-carriage way representation: Accurate generation of itineraries and routing/navigation directions
  • Toll Indication: Allows for planning of most efficient routes. Aids in the determination of travel times
  • Overpass/Underpass indication: Provides information necessary for planning routes across elevated roadways
  • Arterial Classification Codes: Classifies roadways according to their major use to increase the accuracy of generated routes
  • Comprehensive user documentation and toll free Customer Support services: Minimizes costly down time

Selected Applications

  • Real-time navigation
  • Mobile commerce & destination sales
  • Proximity searches & location services
  • Concierge & guardian services
  • Fleet logistics
  • Driver directions & routing
  • Vehicle dispatch & tracking/AVL
  • Load order & capacity utilization


  • Geocodable database
  • Fully routable
  • Calculated speeds and segment impedance

Functional Specifications

  • Geographic Coverage: Continental US plus AK, HI, and PR and Canada
  • Formats: ASCII (Basic/Enhanced), ArcInfo, ArcView GIS, ArcSDE
  • Tiling: State or County
  • File Size: Format dependent
  • Projection/Datum: Geographic/NAD83
  • Data Updates: Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually
  • Coverages Available: County, State, Nation

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