Dynamap Display

Provider: TeleAtlas/GDT

Dynamap/Display is a premium street database designed to produce presentation quality maps on screen, on paper and over the Internet. The database features streets, landmarks and natural features, providing specific attributes needed for quick and attractive map display. Through object chaining and thematic layering, Dynamap/Display has been optimized for quicker redraw times and smaller file sizes. At nationwide coverage, the entire database takes up 5 GB of disk space.

Dynamap/Display includes a few autoloader designed to simplify the data loading and set-up process. The autoloader software uses the data either directly on the CD-ROM or assists in copying selected geographies and layers to the user’s hard drive. GIS specific software is provided to integrate the GIS platform with the data. The autoloader allows users to set default display styles and to open files with menus and wizard rather than relying on complex file names and directory structures. The autoloader software is currently provided for ArcVew GIS and MapInfo users.

Data Formats

Dynamap/Display is currently in the NAD 83 datum and is available in the following data formats:

  • MapInfo
  • ArcView GIS
  • Autodesk MapGuideT

Tiled by county and state.


Dynamap/Display comes in the following layers:

  • Streets
  • Landmarks
  • Natural features
  • Political and ZIP code boundaries

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