TeleAtlas Postal
Points 9G

Provider: TeleAtlas/GDT

The Postal Points 9G product from TeleAtlas is a comprehensive database designed for use as a cross reference for ZIP code based geocoding. 9G provides nine digit ZIP code (i.e. ZIP+4) centroids and associated geographic codes (listed below).


Typically the 9G file is used as the primary file for geocoding based on ZIP+4 code. In order to generate the ‘plus four’ of the ZIP+4 code a user will normally pre-process his/her address list through postal standardization software.

For example: if an input address has a ZIP+4 code then the user will be able to look up the coordinate and associated geographic codes in the 9G file. However, if the input address does not have a ZIP+4 code, and only contains a 5 digit ZIP code, please contact us about additional TeleAtlas Postal Points products that can be used as fall-back files if relevant information is not available to geocode at the ZIP+4 level. These products include 7G, 5G, and 3G.

Dealing with One-To-Many Relationships

It is common for the situation to arise where there is a one to many relationship between a postal entity (Zip+4, ZIP+2, etc.) and more than one geographic entity (MSA, State, County, etc.) For example, 5 digit ZIP codes do cross county boundaries.

In these cases, the value of a particular geographic code is determined by a voting scheme. The code value with the most votes is the value inserted in the file. In addition, all geographic codes have an associate percentage field that gives the fraction of ZIP+4 records that were contained in that particular geographic code. If the number of codes is so widespread that the percentage of the field with the most votes is less than one percent then no code value is given. This may happen, for example, in the case of the block group associated with a three digit ZIP code in the PostalPoints 3G file.

Geographic Codes

In each of the files the associated geographic codes are:

  • MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) Code
  • FIPS State Code
  • FIPS County Code
  • FIPS MCD/CCD (Minor Civil Division / Census County Division) Code
  • Census MCD/CCD Code
  • FIPS Place/CDP (Census Designated Place) Code
  • Census Place/CDP Code
  • Census Tract
  • Census Block Group

PostalPoints File Layout

  • ZIP: 5-digit ZIP code
  • ZIP4_lo: Low ZIP+4
  • ZIP4_hi: High ZIP+4
  • ZIP4_rec_type: ZIP+4 Record type
  • carrier_route: USPS Carrier Route
  • carrier_route_%: Percentage of matches within majority Carrier Route; Blank = 100%.
  • match_code: Match Code
  • latitude: Latitude, optionally NAD27 or WGS84 as requested.
  • longitude: Longitude, optionally NAD27 or WGS84 as requested.
  • MSA_code: Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) code
  • MSA_code_%: MSA %; Blank = 100%.
  • FIPS_state: FIPS State code (numeric)
  • FIPS_state_%: State %; Blank = 100%.
  • FIPS_county: FIPS County code
  • FIPS_county_%: County %; Blank = 100%.
  • FIPS_mcd: FIPS Minor Civil Division
  • FIPS_mcd_%: MCD %; Blank = 100%.
  • census_mcd: Census MCD Code; Same State, County and % as FIPS_mcd.
  • FIPS_place: FIPS Place
  • FIPS_place_%: Place %; Blank = 100%.e
  • census_place: Census Place Code; Same State and % as FIPS_place.
  • census_tract: Census Tract Code
  • census_tract_%: Census Tract %; Blank = 100%.
  • census_blkgp: Census Block Group Code
  • census_blkgp_%: Census Block Group %; Blank = 100%.
  • name_src: Name Source

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