Carrier Routes

Provider: Sammamish Data Systems, Inc.

Spatial Insights is pleased to offer Sammamish Premium Carrier Route Boundaries. Updated quarterly, the carrier route polygon files combine the latest information from the new TIGER/Line 2002 files, the U.S. Postal Service’s latest AMS-II files, U.S. Geological Service survey data and Sammamish’s own proprietary data. The resulting files have been validated through detailed comparisons with local postal carrier route maps.

Several unique features are incorporated to produce better looking and more accurate carrier route polygons. For example, the ZIP+4 centroids that are clustered by carrier route code are distributed along street segments as the addresses change. This distribution follows the curve of street patterns. In addition, most of the ZIP+4 coordinates are offset approximately 30 feet from the street segment on the proper side of the street. These offset centroids clearly separate the ZIP+4 centroids on the facing blocks.

This small change contributes to more accurate and realistically shaped carrier route polygons. This extremely accurate and detailed file is available for most GIS systems. The data are also available as geographic centroids for the polygons.

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