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Spatial Insights is pleased to offer ProximityDemographics™, an innovative new data product designed to facilitate market studies.

Unlike traditional demographic data, which provides individual counts and tabulations for each specific unit of geography, ProximityDemographics provides a measure of cumulative demographic data within a specified radius or drive time of each geography. Thus, a market researcher can quickly identify areas that have required levels of cumulative demographic characteristics without any additional analysis. Knowing a location’s access to a particular type of population is ideal for retailers or service establishments whose business depends upon their access to customers.

Spatial Insights uses proprietary spatial analysis techniques to derive the ProximityDemographics databases. The data are derived from block-level base demographics, and are available by block group, census tract, and ZIP code. Standard summarizations can be based on radius rings around each location, or on drive time polygons generated around each centroid.

A full suite of ProximityDemographics variables is available including: population by age, race and ethnicity, household type, income, labor force or daytime population, consumer expenditures and consumer behavior.

Compare Regular Demographics to ProximityDemographics

The graphic below shows a “normal” thematic of total population by block group.


ProximityDemographics is based on a 5-mile radius. The data highlight instantly each area’s access to population, not just the population for a bounded area. On this thematic map, a location anywhere within a red area would have access to over 545,000 people within a 5-mile radius.


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