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The Populated Placenames database includes Cities, Towns, Villages, Communities, Boundaries and other records describing ‘Populated’ places across Canada.

Based on the Canadian Geographic Names Database (CGNDB) as well as the toponymic data from the National Topographic Database (NTDB), this data product has been enhanced by more accurately aligning the features in relationship to CanMap Streetfiles. Each point is flagged with a Precision code, which categorizes the feature based on its positional accuracy.


  • Representative points for ‘populated’ places across Canada
  • Name and province of ‘populated’ place
  • Latitude and longitude coordinates
  • Precision codes representing the level of accuracy of each point
  • Major city (population >100,000) flag
  • Minor city (population <100,000) flag
  • Capital city flag
  • Code to identify city, town, village, or community (rural or urban)
  • 1996 CSD name and code for each point feature
  • 1996 CSD population count of associated CSD


  • Cost effective data product for macro level geocoding and mapping applications
  • Accurate placement of data points due to CanMap Streetfiles positional accuracy and additional research and verification
  • Free Canada Directory: The directory consists of Area Code Boundaries, Time Zone boundaries, Provincial/Territorial boundaries, Regional Municipality Boundaries, Urban Boundaries, generalized national water bodies and 2001 Census Subdivision (CSD) boundaries and data.


  • ESRI
  • MapInfo
  • Custom formats available upon request.


Unprojected latitude, longitude; NAD83

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