MapInfo Six Digit
Postal Code Points

Provider: Pitney Bowes Business Insight

The Canadian 6-Digit Postal Code Points contains the latitude and longitude of the single “most representative point” for each postal code in Canada, sourced from Canada Post Corporation, Statistics Canada and GDT Canada.

This product is recommended for postal code level geocoding (not at an address level). The 6-Digit Postal Code file contains the “best” location for a postal code. When geocoding client postal codes, users should be aware that there may be other valid delivery locations for the postal code. This file only contains UNIQUE postal codes. This file has the most representative point for each postal code in Canada. It may be used as the “one and only ” location, or the best location of a number of multiple locations.

A comprehensive list of “multiple” delivery locations can be obtained by consulting the Postal Code Conversion File (PCCF).

There were 848,567 total postal code records as of the February 2005 release, with a file size of 74MB for the nationwide file. Semi-annual updates are available.


Four fields are extracted from the Enhanced PCCF to create the 6-Digit Postal Code file. These include FSALDU, FSA_LDU (the six digit postal codes, one with a space separator, one without) LATITUDE and LONGITUDE.

The 6-Digit Postal Code file links postal code and location information to geocode client locations across the country. While providing the best location for a particular postal code, this file does not contain links to the census hierarchy or postal delivery attributes found in the PCCF.

Database Definition

  • Fsaldu: FSALDU (6 character Postal Code)
  • Fsa_ldu: FSALDU (6 character Postal Code with space separator)
  • Latitude: Latitude Coordinate
  • Longitude: Longitude Coordinate

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