GeoLytics Estimates

Provider: GeoLytics, Inc.

If you need more data than the basic current year estimates and 5-year projections provides, then you need the Estimates Professional. This product includes all the variables on the standard Estimates and Projections product, and also expands on the them to look at complete break outs of sex by age by race, households types and household size, median incomes by race, and more in both the current year estimates and the 5-year projections.

In addition, the Estimates Professional data set has consumer expenditures and demographic profiles. The consumer expenditures segment has current year household expenditures based on the Consumer Expenditure Survey (CEX). With consumer expenditures, you can look at household spending patterns across zip codes, tracts, or block groups. The consumer expenditures includes categories of household spending such as food, beverages, housing, transportation, health insurance, and much more. The Demographic Profiles segment pulls together multiple variables and compares residents of an area based on an index of nation averages. The demographic profiles allow you to target the areas that meet your desired customer or client profile.

The Estimates Professional is available in 5 geographies: states, counties, tracts, block groups, and zip codes. You can also run a radius around a latitude/longitude point.

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