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Cellular telecommunications and Personal Communications Service providers use FAAInfo to explore potential tower sites. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) height restrictions and obstructions in navigable airspace limit the placement of PCS and other towers. FAAInfo is a highly accurate map database of airport approaches and runways that graphically illustrate the FAA Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), part 77. The database includes fields for: height restriction, lower bound, upper bound, restriction, ID, airport name and airport elevation.

FAAInfo is currently scaled to 1:24,000 using the latitude/longitude coordinate system and NAD 83 datum.

FAAInfo covers the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii.

Database Fields

  • Height Restriction
  • Minimum value of maximum tower height allowed
  • Maximum value of maximum tower height allowed
  • Restriction citation from Code of Federal Regulations
  • Restriction boundary ID
  • Name of airport which causes the restriction
  • Airport elevation

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