ZIP Codes

Provider: Pitney Bowes Business Insight

Dynamap/ZIP Codes delivers the most current cartographic information available on USPS 5-Digit ZIP codes. The database contains representations for all 5-Digit ZIP codes and includes changes that have occurred within the preceding quarter. Also included is an inventory file identifying Post Office name, state, county, area, ZIP code centroid and the enclosing ZIP for point ZIPs. At nationwide coverage, the database takes up 55 MB of disk space. Dynamap/ZIP Codes is best suited for the following applications and uses:

  • Geocoding
  • Marketing
  • Business/Marketing analysis

And includes these attribute data fields:

  • ZIP Code Boundaries
  • Delivery Centroids
  • Geographic Centroids
  • Inventory File
  • Post Office name
  • State
  • County
  • Area
  • Enclosing ZIP for point ZIPs

Data Formats

Dynamap/ZIP Codes is available in the following data formats:

  • MapInfo
  • ArcView GIS
  • Atlas GIST

The database is tiled by state or nation. The database is currently formatted in the NAD 83 datum. Conversion to NAD 27 is available for a processing fee.

Please contact us for pricing information.

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