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Dynamap/ZIP+4 Centroids are a cartographic representation of the 60+ million deliverable USPS ZIP+4 records. With the addition of a census block correspondence file, Tele Atlas creates the link between census and postal geography to create the Dynamap/ZIP+4 Centroids & Block Correspondence File product. The ZIP+4 product attaches census data and latitude/longitude coordinates to USPS ZIP+4 records by locating the street segment associated with the ZIP+4 record in the Tele Atlas street database.


The Dynamap/ZIP+4 Centroids & Block Correspondence File product is designed principally for use with mailing and geocoding applications where customers need to locate individual USPS ZIP+4 records to retrieve census and coordinate information.


  • High linkage percentage between USPS ZIP+4 file and TeleAtlas streets database: Accurate, fast geocoding at the ZIP+4 level
  • Additional census and latitude/longitude information provided not found in USPS files: Greater information about particular USPS ZIP+4s
  • Block Correspondence File provides link between census and postal geography: More detailed information about specific ZIP+4s, such as block level census data and coordinate information
  • Enhanced version offers “ranged” records: Reduces file size and look-up time. Handles multiple block correspondence
  • Centroids provided at the ZIP+4, ZIP+2 and 5-Digit ZIP Code levels: Provides multiple levels for locating address associated with a ZIP+4, increasing address match rates
  • ZIP+4 Centroids product built from Tele Atlas’ comprehensive streets database: Insures accurate, up-to-date, comprehensive information for superior geocoding results. Accurate overlay with other Tele Atlas products.
  • Comprehensive user documentation and toll free Customer Support services: Minimizes costly down time

Selected Applications

  • Address matching (geocoding) to complement Dynamap street databases
  • Dot density maps to illustrate market locations
  • Spatial relationship analysis between current business locations, customers and competitors
  • Sales territories
  • Direct mail targeted at ZIP+4 level


  • Basic Version: Geographic information drawn from ZIP+4 associated with street segment; records un-ranged
  • Enhanced Version (dbase and ASCII only): includes geographic information on all census blocks associated with the ZIP+4; also includes duplicate ZIP+4s; ranged records



  • ASCII (Basic/Enhanced)
  • dBASE (Basic/Enhanced)
  • ArcInfo
  • ArcView GIS
  • ArcSDE
  • MapInfo


  • Latitude/longitude coordinates and census block correspondence for 60+ million USPS ZIP+4s
  • MCD, MSA and CBSA codes
  • State, county, census tract and block information

Geographic Coverage

  • Continental US plus AK, HI, and PR

Media Options

  • CD-R
  • DVD-R
  • 8 mm tape
  • 4mm tape


  • State

Projection & Datum

  • Geographic
  • NAD 83

Data Updates

  • Quarterly
  • Semi-Annually
  • Annually

Available for Sale

  • State
  • Nation

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