Digital Elevation

Provider: Spatial Insights, Inc.

digital elevation modelsNo muss, no fuss! Spatial Insights is pleased to offer 30-meter DEM data for the US. By placing an order for your county or MSA of interest, a seamless, GIS-ready DEM, already clipped to your specifications, will be delivered to your inbox within one business day or less!

The data are available tiled by county or Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) from the 2003-defined CBSAs. Datasets tiled by client-specified custom boundaries are also available.

All elevation models are offered in formats compatible with major desktop mapping GIS systems on the market today including ArcViewTM and MapInfo ProfessionalTM. The data are also great for use in Vertical MapperTM. Formats include USGS DEM (suitable for ArcView) and Vertical Mapper GRD (for MapInfo).

Elevation data can be used in mapping and GIS systems for enhanced 3-D data visualization, slope and line-of-sight analyses, and site evaluation.

The data have wide-ranging applicability within the real estate, environmental, and telecommunications industries.

In the past, high quality 30-meter elevation datasets have been compiled for most of the United States, but were only available in formats packaged by 7.5′ USGS quadrangles. Unfortunately, this poor packaging and lack of availability of the data in ready-to-use GIS-compatible formats have rendered this data underutilized.

With Spatial Insights Digital Elevation Model data, using 3-D models is as easy as “Load ‘n Go”.


  • One business day (or less!) delivery.
  • Seamless coverage.
  • Compatible with most GIS software.
  • Pre-assembled by county and MSA.
  • Priced right.

Please contact us for pricing information.

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