Clutter Data
for Canada

Provider: DMTI Spatial Inc.

In today’s competitive market, the wireless telecommunication industry has been driven by the need to provide better service coverage while reducing infrastructure costs. The solution lies in determining the optimum location of towers.

DMTI Spatial’s Clutter Data has been developed for the Radio Frequency (RF) Propagation environment to help engineers refine their signal loss prediction models according to the characteristics of the underlying terrain and ground cover.

Mapping land cover data is critical to wireless network design because the surface cover affects propagation of the digital wireless signal. Clutter data is classified as the man-made and natural features that may impair radio frequency propagation by reflection, diffraction, absorption, or scattering of the transmission waves.

Engineers can determine the optimum location for towers by integrating Clutter Data with surface elevation data (DEM), demand, electrical and physical attribute data, and with propagation models on offer from leading RF Propagation software programs.


  • 30 metre resolutions captured from 1:50,000 NTDB. 90 metre resolutions resampled from the 30 metre. Custom resolutions created upon request.
  • 10 land use classifications:
    • Fresh Water
    • Ocean
    • Coniferous Forest
    • Deciduous Forest
    • Open Land
    • Airports
    • Industrial
    • Urban
    • Dense Urban
    • Wetland

Note: All classifications may not necessarily be present for a given geographic area, due to the variations in the physical land characteristics across the country.


By integrating DMTI Spatial’s Clutter Data, companies involved in wireless telecommunications can:

  • Enhance service coverage and reduce dropped calls
  • Predict the performance of wireless services in transmission areas
  • Plan the build or redesign of their network
  • Optimize transmission site locations and reduce infrastructure costs


  • ArcInfo Grid
  • Vertical Mapper (MapInfo “.grd” files)
  • Text (Ascii grid)
  • Planet (UTM projection only)
  • Custom formats available upon request.


  • UTM (Universal Transverse Mercater), NAD83
  • Unprojected latitude/longitude

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