Census Block

Provider: Spatial Insights, Inc.

Census Block CentroidsNeed more detail than Census block group level data? Spatial Insights offers just that with Census block centroids and data. Available by county, state or nationwide, the block centroid data has been sourced from the US Census Bureau and reformatted for ease-of-use within your GIS system or database program.

In addition to decimal degree latitude and longitude, the block data come with Census 2010 total population and the number of dwelling units.

Available formats for this database include MapInfo .tab, ERSI .shp, dBase, and delimited text files. Please call if you require a different format.

Data Fields

  • LOGRECNO: ID field
  • BlockID: Concatenated FIPS codes of county, tract, and block
  • BlockGroupID: Concatenated FIPS codes of county, and tract
  • STATE: State FIPS code
  • COUNTY: County FIPS code
  • TRACT: Tract FIPS code
  • BLKGRP: Block group FIPS code
  • BLOCK: Block FIPS code
  • AREALAND: Land area in square meters
  • AREAWATR: Area in square meters covered by water
  • POP10: Total population (Census 2010)
  • HU10: Total number of housing units (Census 2010)
  • Latitude: Latitude, in decimal degrees
  • Longitude: Longitude, in decimal degrees

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