CartoUS 2017

Provider: Spatial Insights, Inc.

CartoUS 2017CartoUS is a nationwide mapping database containing over 50 layers of map data. CartoUS layers are sourced from the 2012 U.S. Census Bureau TIGER files. The base files have been enhanced with display characteristics (MapInfo format only) and feature classifications.

CartoUS includes the following features:

  • Roads: Primary, secondary, and local roads.
  • Census Boundaries: Block groups, census tracts, counties, states, and more.
  • Metro Area Boundaries: Metropolitan Statistical Area/Micropolitan Statistical Area (CBSA) and more.
  • Legislative Boundaries: Congressional districts, voting districts, state legislative boundaries, and more.
  • School District Boundaries: Elementary, secondary, and unified districts.
  • Landmarks: Points and polygons representing numerous landmark types.
  • Economic Census Boundaries: Economic census commercial region, economic census place, and more.
  • Other Features: Railways, water, American Indian reservations, ZIP code tabulation areas, various trails, and more.
  • Relationship Files: Address ranges, topological faces, and additional feature names.

The data are available by county, state, region, and nationwide. All 50 states, Puerto Rico, and other US territories are available. Coverage of custom client-specified boundaries or of other standard geographies is available upon request.

Subsets of layers are available for census boundaries, roads, landmarks, school districts, legislative layers, and metro areas. Expedited delivery of some data may be available via FTP download.

CartoUS data are readily available in MapInfo Professional TAB and ESRI SHAPE file formats.

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