CartoUS 2010
Legislative Bundle

Provider: Spatial Insights, Inc.

CartoUS legislative Bundle is sourced from the 2009 U.S. Census Bureau TIGER files released in October, 2009. The base files have been enhanced with display characteristics (MapInfo format only) and feature classifications.

Legislative boundary layers are available separately or together in the Census Boundary Bundle. Layers are available in MapInfo or ArcView format.

Geographic data projection is latitude/longitude (NAD83).

Data Description

Please refer to CartoUS 2010 documentation for details on the data files and their schema.

Projection for all layers is latitude/longitude (NAD83).

Legislative Boundaries

  • cd108: 108th Congressional Districts
  • cd111: Current (111th) Congressional Districts
  • sldu: Current State Legislative District Upper Chamber (SLDU)
  • sldu00: Census 2000 State Legislative District Upper Chamber (SLDU)
  • sldl: Current State Legislative District Lower Chamber (SLDL)
  • sldl00: Census 2000 State Legislative District Lower Chamber (SLDL)
  • vtd00: Census 2000 Voting District (VTD)
  • taz00: Census 2000 Traffic Analysis Zone (TAZ)
  • uga00: Census 2000 Urban Growth Area (UGA) (Oregon only)
  • uac: Corrected Census 2000 Urban Area
  • uac00: Census 2000 Urban Area

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