CanMap Water

Provider: DMTI Spatial Inc.

CanMap Water represents detailed coverage of water features across Canada. CanMap Water is engineered from a combination of National Topographic Data Base (NTDB) 1:50,000 and 1:250,000 scale hydrographic mapping data.

CanMap Water is ideal for consumer navigation and recreational GPS products, travel and tourism Web applications, wildlife, and environmental studies.


  • Lakes, Rivers and Navigable Canals
  • Name major water polygons
  • Major water polygons split from adjoining lakes
  • Hydrographic label points
  • Intermittent water layer
  • User-friendly custom data display files
  • Additional water point features include:
    • Disappearing streams
    • Navigational hazards i.e. rock(s) in water and exposed shipwrecks


  • Detailed nationwide water coverage available for use within the world’s leading GIS software formats
  • Improved topology allows for reliable analysis and reporting in geo-referenced information systems.
  • Provides an accurate base for GPS applications
  • Provides an excellent reference layer for web mapping applications
  • Custom display files that intelligently open and display data layers based on the appropriate viewing scale


  • ESRI
  • MapInfo
  • Custom formats available upon request.


Unprojected latitude, longitude; NAD83

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