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See the big picture with CanMap RouteLogistics. Locate, analyze and display customers, prospects and assets geographically. Enhance strategic decision-making, manage business decisions effectively, or offer value added services with CanMap RouteLogistics.

Based on the highest quality street map data available, CanMap RouteLogistics provides an accurate map fabric for wireless and location based service applications, routing and fleet management, market analysis, target marketing, site location analysis, customer service and asset management.


CanMap RouteLogistics includes additional routing attributes required to generate “real world” routing across Canada:

  • Incorporation of entire CanMap Rail product with full attribution
  • Addition of Toronto underground walkway (“The Path”)
  • Transportation points layer added
  • Physical and legislated turn restrictions
  • Truck route restrictions
  • Routing hierarchy
  • Collector to express and express to collector exit points
  • Highway exit numbers
  • Routing look up table includes on and off ramps and ferry types
  • Points of interest including weigh stations and aerodromes
  • Calculated gradient, distance and travel times based on the slope of each segment
  • Relative elevation nodes
  • Forward Sortation Area (FSA) boundaries
  • Canada/US border crossings linking Canadian and US Roads
  • Verification of rail in the GTA, Vancouver, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, London, Halifax, Ottawa
  • Verification of over 40,000 building footprints across Canada’s major urban centres

CanMap RouteLogistics Bonus: With all ArcView format purchases, DMTI Spatial will include ArcView 3.2 compatible scripts allowing users to convert CanMap RouteLogistics Shape files to a Network Analyst routing file, facilitating the use of CanMap RouteLogistics turn restrictions.

Additional Features

  • Over 1.5 million kilometres across Canada
  • Street centerline road network with street names and address ranges
  • 6 cartographic road classifications including expressways, primary highways, secondary highways, major roads, local roads and trails
  • Roads look up table including alias name, highway numbers and names, road numbers and names, toll roads and inter-provincial highways eg.: Trans Canada Highway
  • Highways and major roads layer
  • Bridges, tunnels, ferry routes and ice roads
  • Points of interest including golf features, healthcare, education, toll booths and car pool lots
  • Over 1,800 parks including national, provincial, territorial, marine, wilderness and reserves
  • Over 20,000 populated placenames
  • Municipal boundaries and amalgamations
  • Major hydrography including rivers, lakes, and coastlines

Bonus CanMap Rail Features

  • 1:50,000 scale railroad network mapping database
  • Complete mainline railway network for Canada
  • Provides rail ownership and operator information
  • Spur lines and side tracks
  • Rail infrastructure currently in operation
  • Over 700 rail stations and stops
  • Approximately 2,000 rail bridges


Display and Analysis

  • Locate your resources or customer data with superior accuracy
  • Display and analyze your data on a nationwide cartographic standard
  • Enhance your application with realism, landmark proximity, and detail
  • Seamlessly combine with DMTI Spatial’s data sets for organization wide applications

Routing and Fleet Management

  • Reduce operating costs through increased efficiency using real street data
  • Optimize routes and scheduling to minimize travel time
  • Improve delivery processes and increase customer service satisfaction
  • Enable your GPS solution with an accurate base and clearly defined national transportation infrastructure


  • ESRI
  • MapInfo
  • Custom formats available upon request.


Unprojected latitude, longitude; NAD83

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