CanMap Rail

Provider: DMTI Spatial Inc.

CanMap Rail is Canada’s only 1:50,000 scale precision-based railroad network mapping data. Built with the same quality and precision of CanMap, CanMap Rail provides the complete picture of Canada’s rail infrastructure currently in operation, including railway lines classified as abandoned.

Updated on a semi-annual basis, this comprehensive product allows the user to view and map rail line data and carry out analysis based on user requirements. This precision-based data enables the user to develop custom maps for report analysis and presentation.

Examples of Use

  • For the plan and build out of telecom fiber along railway corridors
  • Transportation planning and infrastructure management
  • AVL applications using railways as landmarks for tracking
  • Retail site analysis using railway data to define trade areas
  • Catastrophe management and emergency response


  • Comprehensive data set for mapping, viewing, analysis and report presentation
  • Provides nationwide coverage at a consistent scale
  • Updated semi annually to ensure data currency

The production of digital map data is dependent on the availability of data from numerous sources. DMTI Spatial endeavours to provide coverage to the fullest extent possible where source data is available.


  • Complete 1:50,000 scale mainline railway network for Canada
  • New Transportation Stops layer includes all railway, via, and transit stops
  • Transit data added to all fields
  • Rail ownership and operator information *
  • Identifies railway tunnels and bridges
  • Includes railway lines classified as abandoned (some at 1:2,000,000 scale)
  • Canada/US border attribution added to segments that connect to the US railway:
    • American rail owner/operator
    • American railway stop of entry
    • State that railway segment enters into
  • Thousands of rail stops and rail stations displayed across Canada

* In the majority of cases the rail operators are also the owners of the line.


  • ESRI
  • MapInfo
  • Custom formats available upon request.


Unprojected latitude, longitude; NAD83

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