CanMap Major
Roads & Highways

Provider: DMTI Spatial Inc.

DMTI Spatial has developed CanMap Major Roads & Highways in response to the need for a comprehensive and accurate highway and major road infrastructure throughout Canada.

This innovative data product provides a geographic reference to locate and plan infrastructures such as phone lines or water pipes, for planning community development, or for ‘light’ web mapping applications.


  • Provincial and federal highways include expressways, primary highways, secondary highways in urban and rural areas
  • Secondary highways and major roads in urban and rural areas
  • Over 20,000 populated placenames
  • Highway exit numbers
  • Roads look up table including alias name, highway numbers and more
  • Canada/US border crossings linking Canadian and US Roads
  • Major hydrography including rivers, lakes, and coastlines


This innovative product provides an infrastructure network of varying detail for a multitude of precision-based applications.

  • Build your application with nationwide coverage.
  • Execute nationwide analysis based on a clearly defined transportation infrastructure.
  • Locate resources and enable your GPS solution with an accurate base.
  • Seamlessly nesting with DMTI Spatial’s family of products.
  • Custom viewing files are provided to facilitate the use of CanMap Major Roads & Highways by opening and intelligently layering various data themes for display, based on appropriate viewing scales.


  • ESRI
  • MapInfo
  • Custom formats available upon request.


Unprojected latitude, longitude; NAD83

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