Canadian Atlas
Map Bundle

Provider: DMTI Spatial Inc.

The Canadian Atlas Map Bundle (CAMB) is an enhanced nationwide data set for display, analysis, and geocoding. CAMB is based on a database of topographic maps from National Resources Canada (NRCAN).

CAMB is the only value added map series of its kind, and has been enhanced by DMTI Spatial’s technicians using Canada’s premier street map data product CanMap Streetfiles and featuring CanMap Populated Placenames.


  • Topographic Maps from National Atlas Information Services (NAIS) at 1:2, 1:7.5 and 1:30 million scales
  • CanMap Populated Placenames representing ‘populated’ places across Canada including features such as name, province, latitude, longitude, capital, major and minor city flags and precision codes representing the level of accuracy of each point
  • Major highways derived from CanMap Streetfiles and attributed with name, highway type and province
  • Railway line infrastructure
  • Name and location of features such as lakes, rivers, mountains, parks and islands
  • Name and location of terrain features including ridge, bar, marsh, peninsula, gorge and reef
  • Name and location of manmade features such as canal, wharf, ditch, Canadian Forces Base, ferry and portage
  • Administrative points including parks, reserves and sanctuaries
  • Grid indices for OBM and NTDB 1:250,000 and 1:50,000 scale maps


The enhanced cartographic quality and detail of CAMB makes this a cost effective data product for regional, provincial, or national analysis, macro level geocoding, and presentations. Other benefits include:

  • Ideal product for regional, provincial, or national analysis
  • Macro level geocoding, and presentation of infrastructure or assets across Canada
  • Inexpensive introduction to GIS and Canadian mapping data
  • Cost effective multi user solution that is simple to use and shipped in a plug and play format


  • ESRI
  • MapInfo
  • Autodesk MapGuide

Custom formats available upon request.


Unprojected latitude, longitude; NAD83

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