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The Estimates and Projections (E&P) database is the most extensive update available, covering a broad range of demographic characteristics for the current year, and 5-year projections. Variables include:


  • Population by household type (family, non-family)
  • Population by group quarters type (institutional, non-institutional)
  • Population by age (19 age breaks)
  • Population by age and sex (38 breaks)
  • Population by sex
  • Population by race
  • Population by Hispanic origin
  • Population by race and Hispanic origin (e.g. white Hispanic, white non-Hispanic)
  • Population by Marital Status
  • Population by Educational Achievement


  • Households by type (family, non-family)
  • Households by size of household
  • Households by age of head of household
  • Household type (e.g. lone parent male family with children)
  • Average Household Size
  • Length of Residence
  • Total Vehicles Available
  • Households by number of vehicles available
  • Households by number of vehicles available and tenure

Labor Force

  • Employment Status
  • Employment Status by sex


  • Aggregate Income (family, non-family households, group quarters)
  • Household income distribution (15 breaks)
  • Family income distribution (15 breaks)
  • Extended Upper-Income distributions
  • Median and average income (family, household)
  • Age of head of household by income
  • Median income by age of head of household


  • Vacant Dwellings
  • Tenure

Methodology and Data Sources

AGS uses a wide range of data sources in constructing its estimates and projections, including:

  • Census tabulations from the 2010 Census
  • USPS and commercial source ZIP+4 level delivery statistics
  • The Census Bureau’s American Community Survey results at the national, state, county, tract and block group levels, which are based upon one year samples from 2013 and a five year rolling sample from 2009-2013.
  • Census Bureau estimates and projections of population characteristics at various levels of geographic detail, including the latest estimates of population at the county level.
  • The Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey, which provides detailed demographic breakdowns and enables a thorough longitudinal analysis of demographic trends.
  • The Census Bureau’s National Projections database which provides nationwide rates regarding fertility, mortality and migration rates by race which is critical to project the growth of different ethnic populations.
  • The Census Bureau’s Annual Estimate of Housing Units data
  • National Center for Education Statistics data on college populations
  • Internal Revenue Service statistics on tax filers and year-to-year migration

The estimates and projections methodology combines the best current and projected information from the data sources noted above. It is supplemented by the extensive experience of Applied Geographic Solutions in creating accurate and reliable estimates and projections.

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